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Remote Desktop Turns On Laptops Num Lock - Driving Me Buggy

Assuming Windows works in this manner, if you wish to get rid of Linux and that boot manager altogether, you can use a Windows 10 disc and run a boot repair. The second one is immediately to the right of the keyboard's left Shift key, which is narrower than usual to make space for the additional \| key. It does not work. Reason #2: You’re Alone… Almost - Again, you provide no evidence to support your claim. navigate to this website

Thank you. I haven't been able to find anywhere in XP to turn it off. mstsc.exe /v:computer_name /console) cause the actual console to revert to an XP login screen rendering the kiosk unusable unless someone then unlocks the closet, logs in directly from the actual console Reply mobleym says: February 7, 2012 at 3:27 pm Hi Randy, Neat program! have a peek at these guys

Reply BS detection service February 7th, 2017 "Set up Gnome 16.10" Set up WHAT? "So . . . Reply Spencer says: December 10, 2012 at 6:30 pm Why exactly can't you swap 2 keys - like Q and Z? Gnome and KDE managers should have a look at it.

Couldn't bare reading it, I had to quit half way through. For instance, the 7 key to the 1 key AND the 1 key to the 7 key, you can't have both of those entries. I already read the second half and it's even more flawed. However one missing feature is to export/import the changes.

I'd love to be able to remap my bluetooth keyboard paired with my Surface the same way I remapped it for my regular laptop. I will continue to host a copy of 3.0 and 3.5 but I still ask that all support requests go through Codeplex - this will allow other people to help with Unfortunately, all attempts to configure the system to display the console (i.e. http://newwikipost.org/topic/brGp8hXwyNcYQNTkllvRJ7kpbUTGoBhc/remote-computer-ends-up-on-the-lock-screen.html I've tried a couple of the "key tweak" programs from Googling but none seem to help.

Well, I do still flip over to Windows from time to time. If you are unhappy with Windows, try a Mac. Subject: Re: Control (CTRL) key locks in Windows From: toddpm-ga on 02 Jun 2006 09:15 PDT Do you use Google Desktop? Subject: Re: Control (CTRL) key locks in Windows From: twolfe5574-ga on 06 Aug 2006 18:53 PDT I also have the same problem with a 2003 Toshiba A35-S159.

It can happen if you hold down the shift key for 8 seconds- if you hit "cancel" in the disability dialogue box that pops up, the shift and control keys can http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=729744 Dedicate one (1) machine to Ubuntu + Mate and after 2 years or so you will be a *issed-off, but defiant Linux usr ! This isn't a purely Ubuntu problem, and it isn't restricted to user interfaces.  Linux distributions often make radical changes that break or change things you used to do with your computer. When the acer was too dated five years later I had problems with an msi notebook (cedarview graphics etc) , so I bought a lenovo x230 supposedly ubuntu certified perhaps for

Reply Icefinity February 11th, 2017 Too many distros… For a new user to select 1 linux distro is very hard since the vast majority have a very steep learning curve. useful reference For example, you can remap Ctrl or C but you can't remap Ctrl+C to another key." Reply karl_eller says: February 22, 2012 at 3:41 pm Love the program, it's always a My problem is when I click "type key" and press "command" key it does not have any response and I do not know the name of the key to choose from. Reply Cyr4x February 28th, 2017 Software being used in Hollywood blockbusters is not viable… Times when there was Adobe Premiere and nothing else are forever gone.

Thanks, Michael Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 17 May 2006 10:58 PDT Hi mdowdie, Here are some ideas. 1. Comments Subject: Re: Control (CTRL) key locks in Windows From: sleekgeek-ga on 17 May 2006 21:09 PDT You mentioned that you swapped keyboards. I mean really, despite it being a semi-worthless test, with an SSD drive, Windows maxes out it's own rating system with this homemade setup, so no, it's not a piece of my review here Click here to join today!

Will Scranton February 8th, 2017 Sure every Linux suxxx to hi-heaven and so do byte-boi/weiner-dude geeks. How do I "unzoom" the currently selected character in Windows Character Map? Have been with linux for 7 years but its time to go.

I am OK with making changes to the registry but don't know where to find the key assignments section or what to change.

You may also want to try SafeMode if the above doesn't work. Which is also why, my not so old, AMD 7800 2gig graphics card was ill received, (Ubuntu shrank it and my OS memory? - don't ask me how or why because can i reassign this one with sharpkeys? For you, as webmaster of this site should be straight-forward to go back on your post and redo it.

It's a relatively new problem that's creeped into my computer (no external keyboard) within the last couple of months. So it seems I'm stuck here in that, even though I was able to get a Break key on my computer using your program (thanks again!) I'm still stuck when using Reply M February 27th, 2017 Those """alternatives""" aren't viable at all. get redirected here This really sucked because I had about 6 different programs running, and I have a very nasty habit of forgetting to save as frequently as I should.