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Reinstall Windows Scripting Host (WSH)?

Instead, the WSH relies on the file extension to determine which language to use. He can also be found teaching classes on the Web, where he has successfully taught technology skills to thousands of learners, with his own special brand of knowledge, experience, wit, and At the command prompt type cscript.exe //h:cscript. Whenever the fickle weather in the northwest of Ireland permits, John gets out and about birding or walking in the mountains, and he is actively involved in nature conservation. http://diskpocalypse.com/reinstall-windows/reinstall-windows.php

Consulting clients include Cambridge University, Esat/BT, The International Post Corporation and Apple Computer. To display something in the browser, use the document object method write(). Get help from the experts at CODE Magazine - sign up for our free hour of consulting! For example, if the object you create has an event called MyEvent, you can write a handler for the event. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/reinstall-windows-scripting-host-wsh.1048744/

With a strong portfolio of successful projects, many of which feature QuickTime, Skylark has established a reputation for innovative software development of interactive and web applications on both Windows and Mac John is also an ASP Insider and is the INETA Mentor for PA and WV. All rights reserved. All rights reserved.

Advertisement KathrynBassett Thread Starter Joined: Apr 10, 2012 Messages: 7 I won't bore you with all the details leading up to my problem but I need to reinstall the WSH. He also said: "This seems to be the fault of Avast; they changed the registry keys I think it's incumbent on them to fix them." However, Avast has not been helpful There are entries in HKCR and HKCU, and I am not sure how they are used. Global.asa can be used to declare objects that are given either Session or Application scope within the web service.

A number of implementation examples illustrate key QuickTime features, ranging from a simple movie player to a sophisticated interactive application. The developer of the program said (in part): "The CheckComp entries indicate that the Scripting Host is broken, though broken differently from last time. You should see an output that start simliar to the following text: Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version X.Y Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001... More information can be found in the Windows Script Host tutorial.

I went to the key "folder" that starts with {B54F3741, and that's where I had to change the permission before I could delete the key that was in that folder (and PerlScript What is PerlScript? I have no problems running Perl at all. This column will introduce you to the basics of how the scripting host works and how you can incorporate its features into your Visual FoxPro Applications.What you need to get startedThe

It is possible that case sensitive lookups of event names are being performed. Perhaps you have been tasked with developing a utility that modifies the default printer or dynamically maps network resources. This should be similar to the following code: You can use the write() method with $windows->document->write('any old text').

If the previous example was contained in a file called FOO.VBS, the following code would display the word Cool on the command line:C:\Temp>cScript foo.vbs Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.1 my review here One of the last bits of advice they gave me was to re-register the core component, with instructions on how to do that. The Windows Scripting Host is yet another valuable tool to add to your toolbox!Visual FoxPro Anomaly Alert!!!While the documentation states that the second argument in the Popup Method specifies a timeout At the command prompt type cscript.exe.

What is Global.asa to ASP and PerlScript? An experienced developer, John has successfully delivered numerous CD/DVD-ROM titles, websites and interactive applications using RAD tools, C++ and the QuickTime API. So, what next? click site email: [email protected]: codebetter.com/johnvpetersentwitter: @johnvpetersen This article was filed under: VB Script This article was published in: Like what you just read and want more?

Look in the folder S:\tools\pub\software\WSH for the executable named wsh-X.Y where X.Y is the latest version. There are three widely used solutions when PerlScript and ASP don't function correctly in PWS: Reboot the computer and see if it works Reinstall ActivePerl with PerlScript checked and see if This article began with an example of using the Shell Object to create an instance of Microsoft Excel.

Scripting languages such as VBScript and JScript can be used to drive many processes.

Can I write Active Server Pages with PerlScript? Kathie Kingsley-Hughes has worked in IT training for many years. On PWS, there is only one IIS application, while later versions of the IIS web-server support a number of different IIS applications. If you attempt to write to a key that does not exist, the key will be created.

If you have trouble accessing this page because of a disability, please contact the Webmaster at [email protected] Description A description of a shortcut object. In addition to being able to specify the command and the window style, a third parameter can be used to determine if script execution should pause until the new process has navigate to this website This comprehensive reference will help you: install system scripting components on your network; automate or simplify system management tasks, ranging from copying files to monitoring a set of enterprise servers; create

The sample below is another Hello World variation, but this time using client-side PerlScript:

PerlScript Hello World!

PerlScript Hello world!

Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Last modified: 2007/01/18 15:43:50.487000 US/Eastern by Unknown Created: 2007/01/18 15:43:50.487000 US/Eastern by brian.r.brinegar.1. The blank and "Could not open key" entries are the issue.

Figure 1 illustrates how the code will appear in the script debugger.Figure 1 - The Microsoft Script Debugger uses the same IDE as Visual InterDev and Visual J++ 6.0The scripting host Marvelous Managed Hosting and Bandwidth Generously Provided by pair Networks Built with the Perl programming language. It all started when, as a staff accountant, he was asked to get involved in a system upgrade to replace an old IBM Series 1 computer (about the size of a Start a command prompt by clicking Start and choosing Run.

The same language that is used in client-side scripts in Internet Explorer (IE) or server-side scripts in Internet Information Server (IIS) can now be hosted by the Windows Operating System itself.Prior When you launch the ActivePerl installer, PerlScript is one of the components you can optionally install. To check what version your machine is running, do the following: Go to a command prompt by clicking Start and choosing Run. Client-side Perlscript should only be used if you can control the configuration of the computers on which it will be run.

In the Open field type cmd.exe.