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Need Some Help With My Windows 2000 Web Server.

A graduate of University of Southern California's School of Business in 1983, Dan has authored more than 300 computer training courses on video and CD-ROM. It pings a set of IP address and returns a list of reachable IP addresses. More resources Tom's Hardware Around the World Tom's Hardware Around the World Denmark Norway Finland Russia France Turkey Germany UK Italy USA Subscribe to Tom's Hardware Search the site Ok About Dan Balter can be reached at [email protected] Holme is President and CEO of trainAbility, a global, integrated IT training company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This service should not be disabled. QoS Admission Control (RSVP) - provides network signaling and local, traffic-control, setup functionality for (Quality of Service) QoS-aware programs and control applets. The folder is also used by other Windows services, such as Indexing Service. There's no "hand-holding", no basic definitions of functions, no step-by-step guidelines - just high-level coverage of the critical components of Windows 2000 that system administrators must know.* Hot topic - since

Learning resources Microsoft Virtual Academy Channel 9 MSDN Magazine Community Forums Blogs Codeplex Support Self support Programs BizSpark (for startups) Microsoft Imagine (for students) United States (English) Newsletter Privacy & cookies In the event of power loss on the AC line, the UPS will be unable to direct the PC to shut down while the UPS battery discharges toward a critically low Disabling or turning off WINS results in the following: Location of the Windows NT 4 domains fails. Instead of repeatedly polling the server, the event system notifies interested parties as information becomes available.

If this service is stopped, TCP/IP-based printing will be unavailable. A computer running the Telnet service can support connections from various TCP/IP Telnet clients, including UNIX-based and Windows-based computers. SNMP Trap Service - receives trap messages generated by local or remote SNMP agents and forwards the messages to SNMP management programs running on the computer. Top of page Related Links Windows 2000 Server Documentation at http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/en/server/help/.

Distributed Link Tracking (DLT) Server - stores information so that files moved between volumes can be tracked for each volume in the domain. Other computers or devices will no longer be able to connect to this computer's registry. It depends on connectivity information and Network Connect/Disconnect and Logon/Logoff notifications from SENS. Allocates readers and resources across multiple applications.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) - provides the endpoint mapper and other miscellaneous RPC services. Because it takes longer to access a file that has been moved to tape, Remote Storage will notify you if you are attempting to read a file that has been migrated The link source file is moved to another folder on the same volume or to a different volume on the same computer. An ability to resolve DNS names is crucial for locating domain controllers in Active Directory domains.

This is the service that takes care of network configuration (client side) and displays status in the notification area on the desktop (the area on the taskbar to the right of NNTP is an Internet standard. (Note that the version included in Windows 2000 doesn't support feeds, where two news servers replicate their contents between each other. WINS servers are required unless all domains have been upgraded to Active Directory and all computers on the network are running Windows 2000. WMI is an infrastructure for building management applications and instrumentation shipped as an integral part of the current generation of Microsoft operating systems.

It shouldnt take you but a minute to do this. Smart Card Helper - provides support for earlier smart card readers attached to the computer. There is no provision for selectively enabling specific services or enabling this service on per-adapter basis. To assist users, the service maintains a local database of connections that were used in the past to reach named computers or shares.

The default installation of each version of Windows 2000 Server provides a core set of services and configurations designed to suit most needs, while offering users some flexibility. If the DNS client service is disabled your computers may not be able to locate the domain controllers of the Active Directory domains and internet connections. If the service is not running, events from imaging devices are not captured and processed. If the service is turned off, SNMP applications won't receive SNMP traps that they are registered to receive.

Scheduled Tasks using local accounts won't run without a password. Message Queuing provides guaranteed message delivery, efficient routing, security, support for sending messages within transactions, and priority-based messaging. The Event Log service writes events sent by applications, services, and the operating system to log files.

The client is automatically given a new IP address regardless of the subnet it reconnects to - as long as a DHCP server is accessible from each of those subnets.

Telephony - provides Telephony API (TAPI) support for programs that control telephony devices and IP-based voice connections on the local computer and through the LAN on servers that are also running Disabling this service results in a number of consequences including but not limited to the following: Because connections do not appear in the Connections folder, you will not be able to In the case of a DC, it also allows pass-through authentication from other DCs running Net Logon that (pass-through authentication) is forwarded to the destination domain controller where the logon credentials Yah, that beats the hell out of Ambercrombie and whatever...

More resources See also Need Help Setting Up A Media Server Need Help Setting Up A Media Server solved Need a good Gaming/web browsing computer set-up solved Please help me! His fascination with interneuronal communication ultimately melded with his interest in internetworking and led him to focus on systems engineering. Or, a user can dock a portable computer and use the docking station's Ethernet card to connect to the network without changing the configuration. It loads and performs configuration functions for the redirector, provides support for making network connections to remote servers, provides support for the WNet APIs and furnishes redirector statistics.

See also DHCP Client. If you disable or remove the service, any application that depends on NetDDE will time out when it tries to start the service. As a result, you may not be able to share files, printers, and logon. good luck, The sleeperThey should make a brand of clothing called Cisco Router and Switch...

Still Image Service - loads necessary drivers for imaging devices (scanners and digital still image cameras) and manages events for those devices and associated applications and maintains device state.