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Need Help Calling A Variable Across Macros. Can It Be Done?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could use an egen type of command like this: egen married = pnupt(age), mean(22.48) stdev(5.29) pem(0.858) Well, we can! Two other quick things: Avoid using Global variables - it can get dirty, confusing and dangerous. What can we call the result? Here is a dummy version of the macro that just returns 100.%macro nobs/*----------------------------------------------------------------------Return the number of observations in a dataset reference----------------------------------------------------------------------*/(data /* Dataset specification (where clauses are supported) */,mvar=nobs /* Macro

Read on. 5. Slightly adjust the code as follows: Explanation: now you can create a new module and place a sub called sub3 into this module. Open Claim Step1: NotComplete(A_LineNumber,"Step1 - Open Claim") Return ;-------------------------------------------------- ;Step2. Either will work with font size.

Amend the calling line from FirstCode to this: Call SecondCode(True, "Arial", 22) This passes three values over to our SecondCode sub and its variables between round brackets: a value of True Is there a way that the macro automaticly goes to the "Dialog [i]" macro and if the user clicks on okay its going to the "load Dataset [n] macro? (without having That's where the round brackets come in at the start of the Sub.

This method is useful, and sometimes one can given the arguments more meaningful names using args, but we will move on to the next level, which is a lot more powerful If you're new to Tech Support Guy, we highly recommend that you visit our Guide for New Members. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to customize your message box in Excel VBA. Later we evaluate the gamma function.

Back to top tcnt9176 Members 125 posts Last active: Jul 27 2016 03:16 PM Joined: 20 Nov 2010 Thanks!! This means that the line that calls one Sub can pass values to another Sub. Assign claim based on Data provided Then I want to build a separate macro that calls these 4 macros one at a time that is able to use the variables retrieved Let's write a command that echoes what you say capture program drop echo program define echo version 9.1 display as text "`0'" end Try typing echo Programming Stata Tutorial to see

For example {txt} sets display mode to text, and {hline 62} draws a horizontal rule exactly 62 characters wide. Module level is used interchangeably with private module level. We take advantage of the relation between the Coale-McNeil model and the gamma distribution, as explained in Rodríguez and Trussell (1980). within a macro.

using variables within multiple macros Started by tcnt9176 , Jul 17 2012 05:50 PM Please log in to reply 8 replies to this topic tcnt9176 Members 125 posts Last active: Jul But this is just setting up the variable. If you need to loop over new as opposed to existing variables use foreach varname of newlist list-of-new-variables. The round brackets of a Sub are not just there for show.

Local macro variables are useful for keeping information that is used within the scope of the block of code, e.g. But I"m a bit confused by your question.If what you are looking for is a way to pass macro variables between macros by including them as parameters in the macro call, Now try echo one "two and three" four. Best Tobias p.s.

Global Scope means the variable can be accessed by another function in the same module/class (if you use dim as declaration statement, use public if you want the variables can be Tech Support Guy is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. Checking Arguments Now we need to do just a bit of work to check that the name is a valid variable name, which we do with confirm: confirm new variable `generate' However, because intA is public, ' 'it can also be referenced from code in other modules.

I was on a short trip and had no time to answer.I guess the way I want to do it is not feasible with imagej. Type sysdir to find out where your personal ado directory is, and then save the file there with the name echo.ado. Which is clearer?) The way the loop works is that the local macro bot will take values between 20 and 45 in steps of 5 (hence 20, 25, 30, 35, 40,

That is keeping parameters within a dataset.

To implement a function called pnupt you have to create a program (ado file) called _gpnupt, in other words add the prefix _g. What can we call this variable? The numlist could be specified as 1 2 3, or 1/5 (meaning 1 2 3 4 5), or 1(2)7 (count from 1 to 7 in steps of 2 to get 1 VB: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub Arlena() Dim agent As String agent = "Arlena" Application.Run "Seperations" End Sub -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How can I have the agent variable that was set as Arlena picked and used

Because after macro substitution the all-important display command will read display "The hopefully "final" run" The problem is that the quote before final closes the initial quote, so Stata sees this To learn more about SMCL type help smcl. 4.3.2 A Program with an Argument To make useful programs you will often need to pass information to them, in the form of Stata will complain. For example 15(5)50 yields 15,20,25,30,35,40,45 and 50. (There are two other ways of specifying the second type of sequence, but I find the one listed here the clearest, see help forvalues

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