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Need Help Building A Gaming Rig!

While the H80i is about $20 cheaper than the H100i, I went with the H100i here because it is a more natural fit when top-mounted in the Cooler Master MasterCase Pro Before posting a new request, search for other builds with similar requirements. Please tick here if you'd prefer not to hear about: Time Inc.'s goods & services, including all the latest news, great deals and offers Third party goods & services ⩔ Show If it’s a tray, the installation will be similar to a hard drive. Check This Out

Hold the backplate in position so its mounting holes line up with the holes around the socket, then screw it into place from the top side.With the backplate securely in place, If you want to go Linux, then your cost is nothing. So although we've got new, more powerful kit compared to this time last year, the amount of performance you'll get for any given budget hasn't necessarily improved.Watch: Your graphics card questions Find the motherboard standoffs—the bottom halves of the standoffs are threaded, while the top halves are screw holes that you’ll be screwing the motherboard into.Now examine your case.

Do not encourage or promote pirating or any other illegal activity. Then Kaby Lake processors arrived, with even higher clocks than the previous generation, and we added a separate extreme build. Just don’t stretch it across the center of the cavity, as that’s where we’ll be placing the graphics card momentarily.With the motherboard powered, the last plugs you need to attach are Its greatest strength, however, is simplicity.

Refer to the instructions to find the proper screws and backplate positioning for your motherboards, since the mounting positioning can vary slightly between sockets. You’re an enthusiast.The storage: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD + Western Digital WD Black 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s Hard Drive - At this point, we probably don’t need to convince you We struggled with this decision a ton, as we always do, but here’s the bottom line: We gave up a little here for a more well-rounded build. With Hyper-Threading, each core gets two threads (each thread is treated as its own logical processor by software).

Now find the HDD screws included with your PC case parts and screw the HDD to the tray. All-in-one coolers help keep the ambient temperature in your case lower, but are pricier and take up a lot of room. It’s a great compromise for those who would like a windowed case, but can’t stand the bright glare of multicolored LEDs that could signal aircraft.The Enthoo Evolov ITX has reat integrated But lining it up should be easy—there are four holes around the edges of the CPU socket, and that’s where you’ll be placing screws to attach to the backplate on the

Don’t be fooled by brand names, either. Visit our corporate site. Now lay the case flat on your table so that the main cavity faces up.Your motherboard should’ve come with a rectangular plastic or metal I/O shield that fits over the motherboard’s The BuildaPC subreddit is also a great place to ask for opinions and guidance if you’re having issues or just want the thoughts of people who have been where you are

First time builder! (self.buildmeapc)submitted 16 hours ago by spanishisphilosophy8 commentsshareloading...23001US / $400-600Monitor Suggestions (self.buildmeapc)submitted 13 hours ago by Broadsid33 commentsshareloading...24012Other / $600-800Can someone look over my build. $700 with monitor (self.buildmeapc)submitted 15 hours ago by the_schrensky2 commentsshareloading...25012How good it will perform? The tinting helps keep any lights or nonsense inside the case subdued, while still letting you show off the innards of your system. It could also be an issue common to your motherboard, so you can try searching for the error message plus the name of your motherboard.If nothing shows up on the screen Budget is $1500. (self.buildmeapc)submitted 8 hours ago by SmokinTurtles5 commentsshareloading...9123US / $800-1000Console gamer wanting to switch to PC gaming who knows very little about computers (self.buildmeapc)submitted 8 hours ago by PM_ME_NSFW_PICS_GIRLcommentshareloading...10012CAD / $600-800Gaming pc $700-800 CAD (self.buildmeapc)submitted 5 hours ago by Chivoneycommentshareloading...11012US /

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Wes Fenlon As hardware editor, Wes spends slightly more time building computers than he does breaking them. For everything else, the Western Digital 1TB drive next to it is speedy at 7200RPM, sports a 64MB cache, and is very affordable. If attaching an aftermarket cooler feels too risky given your skillset, you can always consider a locked processor for your first build. Our $600 PC here is made with bang-for-the-buck in mind, something that will earn you high performance without breaking the bank—not necessarily silent operation (although there are ways to get a

In this case though, we’re going for the big, pretty, and powerful, but that doesn’t mean spending money recklessly. The tabs will click into place when the sticks are fully inserted.Snap the I/O shield into placeParts used (PC case, motherboard I/O shield)Time to open up that shiny new PC case The Maximus IX has two USB 3.1 ports (one each Type-A and Type-C), three x16 PCIe 3.0 slots, and two x4 PCIe M.2 slots to accommodate our Samsung 950 Pro SSD. this contact form You’ll have to press it firmly into the slot from within the case; they can be finicky to install, and the edges are sharp, so watch your fingers.

How to Create a Windows 8 Installation DVD or USB Drive How to Create a Windows 8 Installation DVD or USB Drive How to Create a Windows 8 Installation DVD or There are more expensive power supplies out there, and higher wattage ones, but this one gets the job done without being overkill. If they’re not labeled, you should have enough standoffs to simply cover every hole.

We hope this sub $1200 build walks the line between spending good money on components that matter without spending too much on the ones that don’t.If this is too much though,

Right here, that’s where. Deep in his heart he believes he loves Star Wars even more than Samuel Roberts and Chris Thursten, but is too scared to tell them. These cables may already be attached to your power supply—there are usually plugs attached to a single cable, and you should have several extras included with the power supply. Visit our corporate site.

Remove the protective plastic covering over the CPU socket on the motherboard by pushing the lever arm down and to the side, then pulling the covering up. Licenses of Windows 10 Home are hovering around $100 and Windows 10 Pro are about $140. Getting a 500GB drive would allow you to not have to worry so much about installing and uninstalling games all the time. http://diskpocalypse.com/need-help/need-help-with-internet-problem-gaming-issue.php The case has dust filters in place to help keep the system clean, but cleaning should occur more often to ensure that dust doesn’t clog up the filter screens or parts

Since the EVGA GTX 1080 we went with likes to spit out hot air into the case, keeping an unobstructed and high-airflow configuration will help keep the GPU happy. Now you’re ready to install the processor.Open your CPU box and take the processor out. Could I do better for less? (self.buildmeapc)submitted 1 hour ago by bliggup4 commentsshareloading...4•••Not sure how powerful of a build is necessary for my needs (self.buildmeapc)submitted 1 hour ago by 74141432commentshareloading...5123US / $400-600[US/500$-570$] (self.buildmeapc)submitted 5 hours ago by tigasign7 commentsshareloading...6012Other / >$1400Portable ITX build These can be fitted into existing Z170 motherboards, but there's also a slew of new Z270 motherboards too.

Between the included 200mm case fan and the need to install three more 140mm fans, a fan hub was the only effective way to get this done.This particular hub gets its You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Like the SATA data cables, these are notched, and can only plug in one way.Final step: your SATA data cables are probably just dangling from the drives right now. Hold the backplate in position so its mounting holes line up with the holes around the socket, then screw it into place from the top side.With the backplate securely in place,

Stuck on choosing the best bang for your buck parts or confused on where to start? The motherboard: Asus Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard - A good, all around motherboard with great features and a modest price. We used it as a reference extensively here, and the site is super user friendly and regularly updated with new pricing. If your HDD and SSD are installed close together, you should only need one cable to power them both.

We've shown you … Read more Read more Update - December 2016 : Again, it’s been too long since our last update. Check out our DDR4 RAM buying guide for more info.Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW DT GAMING ACX 3.0Now that the GTX 1080 has officially launched with the GTX 1080 How to Choose the Best Video Card The video card is a very important part of a gaming PC and a decent card is crucial if you want smooth 3D performance. Press against each side of the I/O shield until it gives you a solid snap.Install the motherboard standoffs in the PC case and screw in the motherboardParts used: PC case, PC

Dear Lifehacker,I'm in the market for a new computer. You’ve now installed your CPU cooler.Slot in the RAMParts used: motherboard (with CPU and cooler), RAMThis step is easy. Rules Be civil and constructive with your comments and criticisms in the threads. EVGA’s SuperNOVA series of modular PSUs are solidly made and come at a reasonable price.Most power supplies from the bigger names are generally great for a build, but I wouldn’t recommend