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Need Gelp

Need Help - Aboutblank Hijack - Hijackthis log

need help - about blank hijack log

Need help - Adware.Virtumonde.197 with HJT log


Need help - BackDoor.Generic2

Need Help - Cant get rid of Trojan.WinFixer

Need help - Bought a netbook just for mlb.tv and can't get a smooth picture

Need Help - Clueless About Malware

need help - cpvfeed

need help - getting pop-ups when frunning IE - related to process engineserver.exe?

Need Help - HIJACK log - ISUSPM?

NEED HELP - HiJackThis Log - Please Check

need help - Hijackthis log attached

Need help - Hijack

Need Help - have viruses - winable.exe

need help - HJT log attached

Need Help - Infected with Bloodhound Exploit 196

Need help -- Malware.j trojan + mass pop-ups + denied access to task manager

Need Help - I cant seem to find the problem

Need Help - MSN Virus :(

Need Help - plse check HJT log

Need help - potential worm activity detected

Need Help - Trojans & other nonsense?

Need help -- virus are overtaking us here

Need Help - Vista

Need Help - Weird Wi-Fi Setup (LTE/WISP) LONG!

Need help - W32.HLLW.Studd

Need Help ! - Trojan horses Dropper.Small.8.BC

Need Help ! VX2

Need help (logs included)

Need Help . Win32/Adware.Virtumonde application

need help (With HJT)

need help > veo digital studio software

need help .crying

Need Help : Getting RTT of OSI Packets

need help /w updating windows media player to / OverDrive Medi

Need help 2 fix this virus Win32.intus.a

need help accessing folder!

need help adding 2nd pc to internet connection

Need help adding D-Link dl524 wireless router to Westell modem for AT&T dsl

Need help adding ratings/reviews

Need Help Adzgalore! Done Most The Work.

need help again

need help again. sorry

Need help and i have a hjt log

Need Help And Advice W/ Ati Radeon X800 256mb Agp!

Need help as soon as possible

NEED HELP ASAP IPv4 messed up

Need Help ASAP - Beeping Comming From Computer

Need help argent. Please!

Need Help ASAP Strike F1 to retry boot

Need Help Asap With Powerpoint

Need help ASAP with Trojans

Need Help and lots of it

need help asap with Windows media center constantly freezing when entering video sect

Need help ASAP! Norton Program issue! Anyone and Everyone read!

Need Help ASAP with prunnet.exe! Need computer for university work

Need help ASAP with Spy Sheriff

need help asap( noob mistake)

NEED HELP ASAP!Trouble with KLH DVD player.

Need help ASAP! Web Add-Ons.


Need Help- Autochk not found -Skipping autochk.exe

need help autorun.vbs!

Need Help Backyard Wrestling don't try this at home

Need Help Bad.EXMF.EXE

Need help badly :(

Need help bad.derbiz

NEED HELP BADLY with download.trojan

Need help badly 2

need help before i crack up!

Need help badly please!

need help badly.please anyone

Need help blank installing Win XP

Need help building a gaming rig!

need help burning music cd's

Need help calling a variable across macros. Can it be done?

Need Help Bypassing "Open File - Security Wanring" Dialog Box

Need help cant find the answer anywhere please

Need help can't install

Need help changing Clock battery

Need help checking Hijackthis log for malware

Need Help checking system fast! Deals End Sunday!

Need help choosing a case ** Newbie alert.

Need help choosing MB

need help clean install

Need help cleaning HJT log

Need help cleaning

Need help cleaning computer (HiJackThis log inside)

Need help cleaning Trojan Horse Dropper.Generic_c.MMI

Need help cleaning up my wife's computer. hjt log included

need help cleaning my pc - hijackthis log

Need Help Cleaning! (hijackthis)

Need help clearing up Trojan virus on W98

Need Help Clocking Board

Need help coding my batch file

Need Help Computer is driving me nuts !

NEed HElp COmputer's sooo slooow! HI-JAck Log

need help computer is going crazy

Need Help Configuring Wireless Network

Need help configuring ZoneAlarm.

Need Help Connectin 2 Comps Runnin Win2k.

need help connecting

Need Help Connecting to the Internet!

Need help converting .mov to .mpg.

Need help converting file formats!

Need help copying cam corder video to PC via Magix software

Need help creating address book in WP11

need help creating space

Need Help creating hybrid Joliet+rockridge volumes using MagicISO5.4

Need help deciding build or buy?

Need Help debugging HDMI no-output

Need Help deciphering Mini Dump

Need help deciding on a new GPU (Gtx 660ti

need help deleting hgGxYrQH.dll

need help deleting zedo

Need help deleting Zlob.DNSchanger (trojan)

need help desperately-no one answered post

Need help desperately with my laptops (2) and linksys wireless router

Need help desperately. HJT Logs included

need help directly connecting an IBM laptop with a Dell desktop by ethernet crossover

Need Help Disabling Onboard Sound

Need help dispatching Vundo / Virtumonde (HJT Log)

Need help eliminating Exploit Cyber-search.biz

Need help downloading video to computer

need help dvk01

Need help eradicating Virtumundo virus

Need help eliminating W32/Alemod.ff.dll

Need Help Fast Cant Extrace Exe

NEED HELP FAST for unfair C++ assignment

Need help fast if possible-customer problem with 6to4 adapter #3

Need Help Fast C:\WINDOWS\System32\mpr.dll missing

NEED HELP FAST! I have a Dell Dimension 4400 with no sound.

Need help fast! Code dissection.

Need help fast pls ty

Need help fast.How to import a .xls sheet into MS Access Table.help!

Need help fdisking laptop

Need help figuring out what's bottlenecking me in pc games

Need help finding a compatible hard drive to replace

NEED HELP finding a motherboard!

Need help finding a HTML code

Need help finding a manual for this board.

Need help finding and getting rid of zhopaizdupla.exe trojan; HJT scan included.

Need help finding drivers for a sony PCV-1112 computer!

need help finding favorites/address book/saved emails.etc

need help finding hardware

Need help finding power supply for Dimension 8300

Need Help Finding mPGA-478 Motherboard

Need Help finding software ARCSOFT MPEG4 Encoder

Need Help Finding Some Hardware

Need Help Finding Sound Driver Please :-(

Need help finding the perfect case.

Need help finding updated driver for unknown wireless usb

Need help fixing a netbook.

need help finding xp ahci controller driver for hp g56-122

Need help finishing a Gaming Computer.

Need help fixing a problem with a restriction

Need help fixing malware errors

Need help fixing msn virus

Need help for 9o0gle and yeabests.cc

Need help for HJT log for friend's computer

Need help for C:\WINDOWS\bxxs5.DLL

need help for my laptop

need help for online bookmark and password saving

Need Help for Pop64 and Seeve

need help for term paper-- different methods of computer networking

Need help for reinstall

Need Help for Removing mgrs.exe

need help for setting up a wired network in an office w/ capability of remote access

Need help for spyware removal. (with HJT log)

Need help for trojan.js.agent.axl

Need help formating

Need Help From Expert! My CPU Cannot Detect GTX 560 Ti GPU.

Need help from D-trojanator to remove Trojan.Vundo

Need help from someone familiar with Pc-cillin

Need help Gaobot?

Need help getting a Vista-based Power Point Program to run on an XP computer

Need help getting CNC3 Kanes wrath to work online! (detailed)

Need help getting rid of "Virtual maid" spyware

Need help getting rid of "Antivirus 2009"

need help getting rid of a trojanspm/lx virus

need help getting rid of dmvlite and others

Need help getting rid of Fake Security Tool

need help getting rid of home search assistant

Need help getting rid of iworm_attack

Need Help getting rid of sspMydoom.cih

Need help getting rid of generic.dx (HJT log)

Need help getting rid of lop.com please

Need help getting rid of this stubborn vundo

Need help getting rid of this Worm/VB.SO

Need Help Getting Rid of Virus

Need help getting rid of winshow.exe

Need help getting rid of Vondu

need help getting rid of wupdater.exe

need help getting rid of WinFixer! Thanks!

need help getting rid of trojan.win32.vapsup and/or Trojan.Dropper/Gen.Process and/or

Need help getting rid of url adtrgt.com pops in firefox

need help getting wireless servce

need help going from wordperf 9 to 10

Need Help Getting To Regular Site .

Need help got "PornHub" virus

need help got another computer

Need help got problems with.

need help guys!

Need help guys (mystart.incredibar). Destroying my browser!

need help have htjlog!

need help here's my hijack log

need help hijack this log included.

need help high jk this

need help have w32.desktophijack

need help hijack this log posted.

need help HIJ log

Need help hijack this log enclosed please help.

Need Help HJT included

Need Help HJT file

Need help hosting on Empire Earth

need help i am infected hijack log included

need help i got this virus thru aim

Need Help I think it's a Trojan!

Need help Identifing Hardware and finding drivers/software+EasyPhoto+need help IDing

Need Help Identifying Machine For Upgrades

need help identifying plug

Need help identifying 2 unknown viruses

Need Help Identifying This Virus

need help in a hurry

Need help identifying this trojan

Need help IE was taken over

Need help importing email messages into Outlook 2007 from Windows Mail Files

Need help in buying a Gaming labtop.

Need help in BIOS

Need help in calculating the pending hours.

need Help in editing the Macro to export Charts to PPt

Need help in evaluating a HiJack logfile

Need Help in choosing anti-virus program for Server please.

Need help in fixing Registry Errors

need help in installing a usb 2.0 card on a dell 8200

need help in linking

Need Help in NC with Hijack log

need help in power supply

Need help in Outlook 2007

need help in removing trojan 0access

Need help in removing Kazaa

need help in solving c:\progra~1\newdot~1\newdot~1.dll

Need help infected my w32/nuqel

Need help install 3dlabs wildcat 800

Need help installing a CD burner

Need help installing a Sony std-9000 Tape Drive

need help installing a Radeon 9600 xt

Need help installing ATI Radeon HD 4350

need help installing cd rom for my laptop

Need help installing 'AutoRoute2000'

need help installing windows on my HP DV9700T Laptop

Need help installing Vampire:The Masquerade Bloodlines

Need help installing window vista or any os thats not to old lol

Need Help locating 3 MUMPS Developers

need help locating a jumper soyo kt600 v2.0

Need help locating replacement capacitor

need help lol

Need help machine infected with C:\ntde1ect.com PWS-WoW (Trojan)

Need Help looking for a certian software

Need help manually removing pavrm.exe

Need Help MS Juan

Need help moving bink2w32.dll to the right location.

Need help moving image

Need help networking a Doctors office

Need help never seen this before

Need help networking DSL and Novell

Need help networking before my brain implodes.

Need Help Now!

Need help Networking Noob

Need Help Newbie here :(

Need help on [emailprotected](yellow notification pop up)

NEED HELP NOW. .scans stop on xpob2res.dll

need help of error

Need help on a research project

Need help now!.a Home Page switcher is on my comp right now.!

Need help OC'ing Asus P5Q-E

Need help on a Partition Problem

Need Help on BSOD win7 x64 - ntoskrnl.exe

Need help on case decision

Need Help on CPU Cooler

Need help on CHoosing RAM

Need help on data recovery

Need help on delegating hardware

Need help on excel file recovery - "Tour Plan.xls : File format is not valid".

Need Help On Form

need help on hard drive

Need Help on Hijack This

Need help on gpu choice

Need help on Hijack this logfiles!

Need HELP on LAN ;)

Need Help on Logon

Need help on my highjack this log.part2

need help on my laptop

Need Help On My Stereo System 5.1

need help on overclocking contest!

Need Help on Rookit >.< i think - Logs included :D -

Need help on uninstalling IE from Win 2k

Need help on undervolting my Pentium 4

Need help on using Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Pro to recover hard drive

Need help on whether to upgrade power supply

Need help on VIRUS: Win32: Trojan-gen

Need help ongoing problem

need help opening .# files

need help on wireless

Need help on what to remove with hijackthis

need help oneclicksearch removal

Need help opening port 22!

Need help overclocking!

Need help organising partition setup

Need help Outlook.pst

Need help pagued by porn virus!

Need help pelase

Need Help PC Build. But Noob Question

Need help patching IE security flaws

Need help Ping issues.

Need Help Please - TrojanZlob.G

Need help please - "Sysprotect" problem

Need Help Please - HJT log

Need help please - HJT log included

Need Help Please - HIjack Info Attached

need help please "problem with not-a-virus.win32"

need help please check out hijackthis log

Need help please - hijack included

Need help please post!

Need Help Please c:/windows/privacy_danger

Need help please realy bad

Need help please HP 4200C Scanjet on Dell 8400 running XP

Need help please removing adz galore

Need Help Please removing hdplugin1014.dll

need help please respond

Need Help PLease! Trojan Horse Pakes.GMJ and others

Need Help Please! Trojan.Vundo!

Need HELP please.computer Idiot here.

Need help please!Driver?Soundcard.?

need help please.trj/downloader.gk

Need Help Pleaseeeee

Need help please-webcry?

Need HELP Pls.IEXPLORE.EXE still running in Task Mgr after closing.Memory errors?


Need help plugging front audio wires on mobo!

Need help plz reply

Need Help Post 1

Need help printing on custom forms

Need Help Prob With Mic Plz Help Me

Need Help programming network to shut off at the same time each night

Need Help PSW.x-Vir trojan

Need help purging a virus

Need help purging Vundo.IG

Need help PWS-Lineage.dll trojan

Need help putting computer together with Asus P4T533-C.

Need Help Quick !

need help quickly please

Need Help Quick! Cd Rom

Need help quick. Spyware has invaded.

Need help reading a HJT log

Need help quickly

need help reading HJT log to ensure virus removal

Need help reading this

Need help real BAD

Need help reading HJT log

need help really badly please

Need Help Real Bad With My Pro!

NEED HELP REALLLY BAD W32\trats and Vundo

Need help really bad:( Anyone and everyone read!

Need Help Recovering Google Chrome Sticky Notes

Need Help Reformatting

Need Help reg "Automatic email from excel based on date "

Need help regarding Avenue A

Need help regarding SLI

need help reinstall vista into dell laptop vostro 1510

Need Help Remove Trojan.Agent

Need Help removing "contexualsearch"

Need Help Remove trojan.vitrumod Please

Need help removing 180 SearchAssistant

need help removing a Trojan-spy [emailprotected]

need help removing a crupped Snapfish activia program.

Need Help Removing a Trojan/Vundo Virus

Need help removing aconfidenceonline.com

Need help removing Adware & bridge.dll (Hijack Log included)

Need Help removing ADWARE Please! HJT log

Need Help Removing Agent.h Virus!

Need help removing allaboutsearching.com

Need Help Removing AWTQO.DLL

Need help removing AntivirusXP08

Need help removing Antivirus Monitor

Need Help Removing Alureon H

Need help removing awtqo.dll/Vundo

Need help removing 'anti-virus 2009'

Need help removing AntiVirus2010

Need help removing Bridge.dll error

Need Help Removing AOL as my webbrowser - And NewDotNet

Need help removing Backdoor.Tidserv.I! inf

Need Help Removing Cn911.exe

Need help removing Aurora pop-ups

Need help removing backdoor agent

Need help removing Backdoor.Tidserv!inf

need help removing backdoor.small virus

Need help removing CiD pop-up's.

Need help removing bogus anti-virus 'XP Defender' (HJT Log inside)

need help removing bogus spyware - Antispy storm

Need Help removing CWS.Searchx

Need help removing Coolweb

need help removing cutwail virus

need help removing cmuti.dll

Need help removing Coolsearch.biz

Need help removing Desktop.exe

Need help removing files (asmfiles.cab).

Need help removing Downloader-SS Trojan

Need help removing generic.dx trojan

Need help removing http://www.searchnu.com/102

need help removing globalroot\systemroot\system32 UAC

Need help removing Incredifind

Need help removing hlep32 from registery

need help removing gomyron

Need help removing iexplorer.exe

Need help removing IBIS Toolbar and others.

Need Help Removing isamonitor.exe and more

Need help removing Jetseeker Search

Need help removing Kazaa & other (related?) spyware

need help removing koobfaceerror2

need help removing messagebroadcaster

Need Help removing loadingwebsite.com

Need help ffinding why my cpu usage maxes out now

NEED HELP removing Mirar

Need Help Removing mp_notifier_060330b

need help removing mediapipe

Need help removing midaddle

Need help removing Openmediasoft virus

Need help removing NETSPRY - [HiJackThis.log file below]

Need help removing NTRootKit-j

need help removing mirar toolbar

Need Help Removing Mirar From My PC

Need help removing one or more Malware

Need help removing netster please

Need Help Removing MusCDriverV32

Need help removing popups please (WinAntivirus Pro

Need help removing Possible_vundo-1

need help removing project1 virus!

Need help removing protect.trusedantivirus!

Need help removing potential keylogger - MBAM log/Hijackthis log included

Need help removing PSW.x-Vir trojan!

Need Help Removing PUP.Optional.Digitalsites.A

Need help removing PSW.generic3.WCS

Need help fixing mcrtl32.dll

Need Help Removing Rootkit.TDSS

Need HELP removing rootkit: Alureon/Mbr

need help removing rightonadz

need help removing services.exe and smss.exe trojan

Need Help removing Shopping wizard.

Need Help removing smitfraud-c

need help removing Security Toolbar 7.1

need help removing riyocodec on server 2003

Need Help Removing Snapfish Activia

Need Help Removing 'Spy Sheriff' Malware.

Need help removing Spyware.Iwantsearch

Need help removing spyware with Hijackthis

Need help removing sr_service.exe

Need help removing TDLCMD and Vundo!

need help removing these please

Need help removing sspMydoom

Need Help Removing system32\tdlcmd.dll

Need help removing the adtrgt pop ups

Need Help removing Tesllar a

Need help removing tdlcmd.dll/alureon

Need Help Removing Tesllar A Spyware

Need help removing TOTAL XP SECURITY ALERT

Need Help Removing trjan Vundo

Need help removing the viruses in this laptop! (HijackThis log)

Need help removing torjan Generic.dx!fya

Need help removing TR/Vundo.Gen

Need help removing Trojan Horse Generic 17.QU

Need help removing Trojan Second Thought

Need help removing Trojan Spm/Lx bug

Need Help Removing Trojan.Agent

Need help removing Trojan Horse Dropper.Generic_C.MMI

Need help removing Trojan.Vundo and Trojan.LowZones

Need Help Removing Trojan.Vundo - HiJackThis log attached

Need help removing Trojan.Win32.Monder.rhy

Need help removing Trojan-Clicker.win32.tiny.h

Need help removing trojan RENOS

Need help removing Trojan.Win32.Monder.gen

Need help removing Trojan.Vundo.H

Need help removing Trojan.Vundo.H and Trojan.BHO.H

Need Help removing TrojanSPM/LX

Need help removing trojan/spyware- HJT Log attached

Need help removing virtumonde please!

Need help removing virus: HJT log

need help removing virtumonde virus please

Need help removing Vario Anti-Virus

Need Help Removing Vundo! HiJackThis Log Included

Need Help Removing Virtumondo

Need help removing virtumundo files

Need help removing Virusburst spyware

Need help removing W32/Trats

Need help removing Vx2.Narrator

need help removing vundo virus awtsp.dll

Need help removing web browser hijacker (Megaclick )

need help removing W32/VB.EM trojan

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