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Need A Copy Of A Octek Rhino-9 Manual

It shows some basics with simple 3D objects in space using popular VGA mode 13h. The numbers are categorized on Chipset basis. Entire XOR key is 5C 34 1B 69 DC AD 52 15 5D 40 C5 90 C2 B8 06 33 AD E0 23 0D FC A3 20 C1 82 BA E7 Algorithm is simple but requires more memory than common human can use during the game (I couldn't did it without help-notes of numbers sideways on paper). Source

Please try the request again. As an example I included a simple template for intel (G)MCH 82P31. 7.9.2009 Version 2.09 has new support for SMBus controller intel ICH10(R). Produced binaries are quite small - simple console program for calculation of Fibonacci numbers is compiled to 2kB EXE file. For this chips it's necessary to build more complex programmer circuit with some LDO and voltage level translator that accommodate signal levels from/to LPT.

I told him that I thought shadowing BIOS was used to speed up the transfer rate, but that I would try to ... First I had to do was to create a library for independent low-level hardware access which individually implements needed functions for every OS. if you want enable EIST on Core 2 Duo call cpuid wrmsr:1A0:1:1:16 - it stores value 1 that is 1 bit wide and shifted at bit 16 position in MSR 1A0h. Also win32 code was obsolete and even configure script didn't let me to generate makefiles.

Control is quite simple: left/righr arrows for back/forward seek, up/down to change volume and space for pause. When I run SPIPGM I just see a black window for a moment that disappear immediately. NMEA2PLT.EXE ver. 1.3 [53kB] - convertor of raw GPS data NMEA-183 to OziExplorer's track file format. A also added verify command that compares FlashROM content against a file.

But it had nothing to do with my code. A newbie since version 5 is CWSDSTUB.EXE which allows you to run your programs without any external DPMI server. So you just need to pick up a normal USB header and match up the pins. Those individual company pages will list all Award BIOS Numbers for that company. (Note: At this moment we are in the process of moving the BIOS Numbers to the individual company

Posted on 1997-04-04 Windows OS 8 1 solution 451 Views Last Modified: 2013-12-29 I have recently upgraded my motherboard to Intel i430HX chipset (Global Impact's Crusader board) because my previous one I wrote the main program of MP3 player which instals its own p-mode timer interrupt service routine for sending recalculated samples to parallel port. It allows you to call internal C-funcstions for handling PCI and SMBus. Its size is about 350MB and I suspect it is either the drive or the board.

It was successfully tested on ITE2811 and HPT370 controllers under Windows XP. When latitude or longitude number contains leading space(s) instead of leading zero(s) it will fail because of parser tries to read always 3 digits for degrees so it may read also B1+ SiS 501/02/03 Chipset SIS 501-503-PI-54SP4-00: ??? 2A5IA000: America Digicom Corporation (check www.digicomgroup.com / E-mail : [email protected] / Phone: (516) 496-2323 (214) 480-9998 (408) 245-1580) ) 2A5IA531-00: JBond PCI500C-B 2A5IAAD1-00: Anson DJGPP discussion board is at Google Groups: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.msdos.djgpp.

Is it possible to program 1,8V FlashROMs with SPIPGM? AVR assembler very differs from x51 assembler and I didn't have a need to learn it when I started to use C language. TP Commate, Ozzo (?) U0 U-Board (?) U1 USI (Universal Scientific Industrial) U2 AIR (UHC) U4 Unicorn U5 Unico U6 Unitron U9 Warp Speed Ink. It was successfully tested with MX25U6435F FlashROM. 19.3.2011 I started to working on the new hardware for SPIPGM which will be able to program also SMD chips in SOIC-8 package.

Use this info at your own risk! You must copy it exactly. Z3 ShenZhen Zeling Industrial Co., Ltd. have a peek here This file describes PCI registers in one PCI device and allows you to use custom printing format suitable for specific PCI device.

Thats if you dont have the pins on your motherbourd that Dogztar mentions. Since version 1.23 it accepts also hexadecimal arguments with leading 0x prefix. This led me to idea that nVidia drivers or Windows setup something that makes copying of framebuffer much faster.

I admit that a good programmer always write a better code in assembler for MCU than any compiler of higher language can produce.

  • You can switch display mode of latitude & longitude between DD.dddddd / DD.MM.SS.dd via pressing D key and you can shift your local timezone via pressing + / - keys.
  • C language on MCU brings incredible possibilities due to source code portability across various platforms.
  • Anyway, I will install again the game as I uninstalled Win95 completely.
  • If you will set W-C mode, you may gain performance of your existing programs which displays graphics through VESA VBE.
  • So I hacked the *.EPA file format (I couldn't find any documentation).
  • But sometimes happened that program had been executed e.g. 5-times faster than usually.
  • Generated Tue, 14 Feb 2017 05:41:59 GMT by s_hp87 (squid/3.5.23)
  • If you know BIOS ids that are not yet on the list, please mail them ONLY when you know the manufacturer AND model!
  • I also add a new function -e, --expansion that allows you to control nVidia graphics on-chip scaler for LCD monitors attached via DVI-D.
  • This bug was also in NMEA2PLT.

Also I would like to get your DIMM module log (SMB /d >dimm.log). Your cache administrator is webmaster. DJGPP COFF, LE) is compressed by UPX and prints UPX version. 12.11.2007 since version 1.2 it recognizes Rational DOS/16M image type. I also implemented parity check of JEDEC ID Byte so you can see at the beginning if there is a problem with communication (e.g.

For porting linux GUI apps you may find usefull this set of libraries: Nano-X, Microwindows, NXlib and FLTK that was used for recently released DOS port of Dillo web browser, see If you don't know the chipset, just use Edit/Find in your browser and search for your BIOS Number. GPSMON.ZIP ver. 1.1 & 1.2 [56kB] - Small monitor program which allows you to view all important GPS data on screen grabbed from your GPS receiver via serial line. Please be patient) Award Hardware Vendors Code Name 00 E-mail Support @ Unicore (subsidiary of Award Software) with BIOS ID data, plus any board ID codes you can find A0 ASUS

Model: 0527 mainboard or AOpen (model :???) 2A59GW09C-00: WinTec (Edom) MP071 2A59GW0AC-00: WinTec (Edom) MP071B 2A59GW0FC-00: WinTec (Edom) MP076 2A59GW0GC-00: WinTec (Edom) MP082 2A59GW59C: Mercury W586VX 2A59GW5AC: Mercury W586VXL 2A59GWS9C-00: "Mercury" All rights reserved. It was reported to me that in one case it helped. If you want to make the suggestion and get some feedback, click here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Community_Support/Expert_Input/ TheBest: So...do you need more information?

From young generation I know only about one guy - Standa Mašlán, who is really expert in AVRASM, respect to him. Winbond-83C491 2C4J6D01-00: Dataexpert Expertboard 4045 ALI 14296 Chipset 2C4K9D00: Dataexpert (model: ???) 2C4K9D01-00: Dataexpert EXP4049 2C4K9P40: ??? You should, as dogztar says, be able to find some pins like the COM1 and COM2 pins sticking up in sets of 4 that are marked P24 or USB. If I need to make quickly some small low-level utility I use it for that.

Follow the links to go to the individual company pages on my website. RAWSPEED.EXE ver. 2.3 [75kB] (CWSDPMI not needed - includes CWSDSTUB) - Simple disk benchmark. These boards are real cheap so you'll have to live with less support then a brand like e.g. So I revereted back to older version of libntoskrnl.a from 1.4.2013 which works fine. 21.1.2015 MinGW is trying to best utilize existing WinAPI functions and libraries but sometimes it can

This problem has many causes. Do you really have to re-install Win95 after you replace your board ? ACR6BE00-M00-940825-R02-CO : ACR6BE00-M00 is the name of the motherboard; 940825 is the date; R02-CO is the version. No, create an account now.

Fortunately Win9x are not protected very serious and allow me to install own CallGate which I use to call needed RDMSR/WRMSR instrction within ring 0 privileges.