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Data such as the number of bytes and packets sent by a server and received by a client, the number of packets lost and recovered on the network, the total buffer Other provider's plug-ins are available on the Service Provider page at the Microsoft Web site (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/service_provider/Software/default.aspx).You can enable a logging plug-in at the server or publishing point level. Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. If multiple codecs were used, the values are delimited by a semicolon. useful reference

A value of "1" indicates a cache/proxy server was involved.1UnicastWindows Media Services 9 Series or laterBack to TopFields Verified or Modified by the ServerThe following table provides the fields in the log For multicast log files, this value will be the IP address of the Web server on which Wmsiislog.dll is installed. Name System (DNS) name of the server that received the log there should be a patch issued that allows users to decide whether the dvd lookups are done, and whether a log is kept on the local hard disk. Logs files for "legacy" formats (Windows Media Services 4.1), always use UTC for a cycling period.Protocols supportedHTTP/1.0, MMS, asfm (multicast). https://forums.techguy.org/threads/request-for-window-media-player-to-devided.197577/

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netscape, mozilla, kmail, pine, elm). Loading... To connect to a Windows Media server, all versions of the Player earlier than Windows Media Player 9 Series use HTTP/1.0 or Microsoft Media Server (MMS) protocol; Windows Media Player 9 Series or

all of them.. Server disconnected the clients, or the encoder encountered a problem, and so on.protocol. The exception to this is that the log entry for the server running Windows Media Service 9 Series or later will contain an additional eight fields.Server LogsServer logs are new to Windows Itunes Dr.

So the c-quality value might be misleading sometimes. Windows Media Player Update s-proxiedUsed to indicate if a client is connected through a cache/proxy server or Web server. This is always a series of zeros (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000). The value of the s-proxied field for these logs will be set to 1.Client Logs Generated by the ServerUnder certain circumstances, the Windows Media server will generate a log event even

For server-side playlists, the client will send a log for each item in a playlist, all with the same session number. If the mediaName attribute is not present, the value in this field is derived from the file name value. You can still recover these packets if error correction is enabled. Possible values:0.5: Half of the real-time rate.1: Real-time rate2: Twice as fast as real-time5: fast forward-5: fast rewindIf you are using Fast Streaming, these values could be considerably higher or lower

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i love changing around cookies. https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/22570/ This field is blank if the client was not receiving content from a playlist./ads/MyAd2.asfUnicastWindows Media Services 9 Series or laterc-max-bandwidthThe maximum bandwidth rate (in bits per second) of the client. Windows Media Player Online Store This is why Windows Media Services contains the important elements of a robust logging model that is much more powerful than Windows Media Services version 4.1.This article provides a technical overview Windows Media Player Download All of the client-side values that are transferred from the client to the server at logging time are missing (such as c-bytes, c-pkts-received, c-pkts-lost-net, and so on).NoteIn the case of Windows

Identifies that the requested publishing point does not exist on the server. 404 codes are also good for link verification. http://diskpocalypse.com/media-player/media-player-9-10.php The improvements made in Windows Media Services ensure that Windows Media servers receive accurate, real-world logging data.Logs contain different types of data:Network-related. For live broadcasts, this field is set to 0.39UnicastMulticastBothx-durationLength of time (in seconds) of the data received by the client. Online Stores in Windows Media Player 9 Series Windows Media Player 9 Series introduced the concept of online stores. Windows Store

which is not to say this hasn't been going on forever (it has). and it is difficult to say the 'spying' is unauthorized since you agreed to the 'licensing'. The team's email address is [email protected] this page i don't trust ms.

These companies rely on logged information to determine not only if a customer viewed content, but how long and at what quality. In addition to supporting HTTP/1.0 and MMS, Windows Media Services supports three new protocols.Cache. See cs-url for the full URL.

ICPs charge their customers for the content they viewed based on how many times or how long they viewed the content.Statistics for decision making.

The server also logs 408 and 500 codes.During the ConnectionAlthough clients cannot send log information dynamically while streaming, the server still collects information throughout the streaming process. A commerce store provides the most basic experience by providing up to three service task panes that display the store's webpages. The server adds this data to the logs it receives from clients. However, Windows Media Player 9 Series or later and Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control multicast clients submit the multicast IP address and port, followed by the IP address of the network

they're completely useless. Data such as a server's CPU use percentage and the number of clients connected when the log was received.Logs that contain the following c-status codes are also very helpful in determining If the requested content is already in the cache and has not expired, the cache/proxy server can use it instead of getting content from the actual server each time. Get More Info Data such as a client's CPU, operating system and version, language, player and version, and so on.Server-related.

For a multi-tier scenario, the log is propagated up by all cache/proxy servers until it reaches the origin server, which provides the actual content. These initial default values are not carried over from the server instance to the publishing point specific instance. Nabendu Chaki is Head and Associate Professor of the Deptartment of CSE at the University of Calcutta, India. The administrator is advised to refer to the Win32 security event log to determine which user name failed.404Publishing point or content was not found.408Abnormal client disconnection.

When content is streamed into a client's cache, the result is actually two logs: a typical client rendering log, and a client stream log.The client stream log indicates how the client even though unauthorized access to computing equipment is a felony…"

it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong, it's a felony. If a client's IP address is in the denial list of an enabled IP Authentication plug-in, the client is denied but there is no corresponding log entry.404. It is really an event plug-in that listens for log events and saves information gathered by that event to text log files.

This value is zero for a stream delivered from a broadcast publishing point.86000UnicastBothavgbandwidthAverage bandwidth (in bits per second) at which the client was connected to the server. For an on-demand source, the value is the full path to the file.cs-urlThe entire URL requested by the client, including the query string. The client then reads the content from the cache file. The log will contain the total number of bytes and the total number of packets received, representing the entire playlist.