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Need Advice On Audio Recording


My findings are a flatter looser tongue toward the front teeth works best for me. Keep the talent's mouth close to the microphone One of the most common problems with amateur voice recordings is the talent's inability to keep his or her mouth close to the Still, many musicians who aren’t engineers (me included) can find the task of recording and producing a great track a little daunting. Shane also suggested the “foam-brero” to diffuse the ambient sound coming from behind you. Source

Knowing how to use the equipment you have. Software setup Amid the flurry of preparing for a recording session, you might forget to get your software straight. Timing is everything Many videos require very specific timing for the spoken word, the thirty- or sixty-second commercial being the most obvious example. Recently we've had excellent success with the SHURE SM58 ($90) and an M-Audio Profire 610 audio interface.

Voice Recording Tips

Our company, based in the US, currently serves as an audio publisher for authors all over the world. They don't tend to hum and also don't get hot, very useful in a small recording environment! Any ideas? Then you can insert the audio rather than record using PowerPoint's narration feature.

You should explain microphone pickup patterns, Hi-Z, Low-Z, impedance, shock-mounting, direct-input box/transformer and line level inputs for recording. In an ideal world, you have a recording studio where you can control all of the sound.  But since it’s hard to get your boss to fork over $5 for a The recording seems to develop a lag and then drops out portions of what I say. How To Record Clear Audio On Phone Weekend hours Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice.

Too much bass boosting and it brings back the room noise I worked so hard to get out. With a little practice, you should be able to remove unwanted coughs and other extraneous sounds when they do not support your video footage. My brother records his own music and uses ProTools, but it works best on a Mac (it says PC compatible, but his experience has been very shaky) and I don't have Different microphones have a different sounds to them, some can be bright sounding, some duller, others warm sounding.

Garageband is a great program for recording narration. How To Record High Quality Audio On Iphone The more members of a voice cast you use the more difficult it will be to edit, but the interest/fun factor might go up with a diversified cast. As part of the Creative Cloud suite, it can be used in conjunction with other Adobe products such as Adobe Premier.OS X users also have free access to GarageBandfor audio editing Thanks for any suggestions.

How To Record High Quality Audio On Android

If you really need consistent audio something like Adobe Soundbooth lets you set items at the same perceived volume which can be useful if you record one item in multiple sessions. they have an excellent forum and reply quick to any questions and have an extensive archive. Voice Recording Tips Even a simple analogue desk can provide you with the same options and more besides, including auxiliary sends for effects and a dedicated headphone send. How To Improve Sound Quality Of Recorded Audio Also, I've found a very small room such as a cupboard or closet, full of pillows, blankets etc, can mimic a sound booth.

You can always do me a favor with a good article idea, book recommendation, or recipe idea. http://diskpocalypse.com/how-to/need-help-on-making-audio-video-cd-as-one.php The aspects covered in here a very accurate. Learn more about the Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro. I've been using a digital recording device called the Zoom H2 and getting great results. How To Record High Quality Audio From Computer

  • The mic maybe fine but going into a soundcard and then the computer will yield better results.
  • Cheers andy Reply David Hooper says December 15, 2013 at 9:28 pm Great advice.
  • I'm not at the point where I can charge for what I do, but hopefully later I will be able to do so.
  • I'd made somewhat of a mess of things.
  • Simple Tips for Recording Great Audio | Jake Ludington January 6th, 2012 […] a ton of good info packed into those four sentences.
  • TheVoiceActress.com June 16th, 2009 AND….if all else fails?
  • Based on a lot of recording experience, I recommend the Rode Podcaster http://www.rodemic.com/microphone.php?product=Podcaster.
  • Whilst I don't get ‘popping' I can from time to time get a back of the throat ‘clicking noise' and the more that I try to control it, the worse it
  • Then it can be a case of listening to many voices, of people you know, and also you can listen to voiceover artists showreels and then pick the one that ‘jumps
  • Shane is right -- it's the noise around/behind you that's the problem, not stuff from behind the mic.

that made me awesomely attractive to all my friend musicians.. Position a directional mic so that its rejection node points at the noise source." 20. Sometime studio work is just out of the question. have a peek here It's easy enough to cut the error out of the audio. 12.

I've maxed out the system pref input levels, but I still can not record a voice track. How To Record Good Audio Without A Microphone Here’s a great job board for elearning, instructional design, and training jobs Participate in the weekly elearning challenges to sharpen your skills Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & This is now an essential process when recording and editing multitrack sessions, because with concurrent tracks locked together and fully in sync, you can edit them quickly and simply as one

I ended up on the cheap and found a $10 foam mattress pad at Wal-Mart with the eggshell part facing me provided adequate relief from the hard walls.

Happy Recording! Part of the reason for this is file sizes, with 24-bit/96kHz recordings requiring over three times the space of CD-quality audio. Practice reading the script. How To Record High Quality Audio On Laptop Studio recording booths are sound-sealed to significantly reduce or stop outside sounds getting recorded at the same time as the audio that you want, and that’s what differentiates them from your

Check out these articles and free resources in the community. I sure appreciate and value your advice + take it seriously :). Yes. Check This Out The talent may or may not wish to wear headphones, and probably doesn't need to, but the technician in charge of recording the audio should certainly insist on listening to the

They each provide oceans of tutorials and advice on virtually every topic with respect to recording. Free E-Learning Resources Want to learn more? Microphones can cost anywhere between £30 into the tens of thousands of pounds. I am a hypnotherapist, and record my sessions with clients for them to listen to for self-hypnosis.

I'd use Audacity if you don't have one. Many voice talents just have this and work the whole day with it. Your claps will sound smaller, closer to you, and more singular.

Poster board can make great diffusers if it's bent into arches, the shape makes it strong, like Feb 1 & 2 (London).

New versions are issued regularly, all with great improvements. (Not connected with GoldWave in any way; just a very satisfied user!) Peter Hers June 9th, 2009 Tom On another topic, how Using a separate recording space enables you to listen objectively while recording.17.