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Need Advice For My Router


If you have had internet service with the same company for a long time, say 8-10yrs, then it's possible you have static ip addressing but the only way to know for Reply Leon July 19, 2009 at 2:52 pm I've done some research on tomato and it does seem pretty legit. as soon as she shuts down her mac notebook…. Another thing to be wary of is the firmware update itself. Source

So you've been to Starbucks and your buddy's house and all has worked fine. Most homes, however, have a mix of G, N, and AC devices connecting to their network. It can however be used to focus the signal. Make sure your wireless network mode is set to Mixed.

How To Make My Wifi Faster

This brings up the System Properties dialog. Latency skyrockets to 1k in World of Warcraft, power cycle my Modem/Router, everything works as its suppose to. We event asked best buy and they found no problem.

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  2. Height If you live in a property with a second floor, something as simple as placing your router on a high shelf on the first floor can greatly improve the connectivity
  3. This has been on going for months now, and I am getting sick of it.
  4. Hopefully this will help someone having that problem that is not such a jackass…..
  5. Before you start thinking about resetting or replacing your router, inspect the connection coming into your home.
  6. If your connection stays connected, then you have just eliminated the incoming dsl signal and the dsl modem.
  7. Don't know I was under the impression it never was really fixed.
  8. In the last 4 years or so, nearly every laptop made comes with wireless that can be TURNED ON and TURNED OFF on the laptop itself.
  9. The next question is almost always "how do I turn my wireless on and off" on my laptop.

He also noted zero difference or a difference so minimal that it made no effective difference. If he even signs into skype for a second on her computer they can resolve his IP unless he signs in while under a proxy (which is not the case). Since you have recently changed routers, that article is talking to YOU. Wifi Analyzer But what if it doesn't work at Starbucks either?

Wait until the modem comes back online before restarting the router. Wifi Stumbler Netgear products are pretty durable but anything can break. You say that "For some reason, however; when the computer attached to the router is being used the internet stops every 15 minutes. They also work great with voip.

If the splitter looks suspect (i.e., rusty or dirty), try replacing it. Wifi Channel Scanner The Wi-Fi was okay, but the device had an 802.11g wireless access point, and I wanted to try my newer TRENDnet TEW-691GR router, which had an 802.11n access point. i have tried all your solutions here but none worked. The computer could see the connection, but when trying to reconnect, it would fail.

Wifi Stumbler

I also use software to boost the speed of the pc. On the 2.4 GHz US bands, there are 3 nonoverlapping channels: 1, 6, and 11. How To Make My Wifi Faster It is so frustrating. Best Wireless Router The easiest thing to do is to remove your network from the list of networks that Windows maintains.

Interference Even if your computer or tablet is quite close to the router, other nearby electronic gadgets and devices can have an adverse effect on your overall signal quality. this contact form Once you have it working properly on the network, then you should be able to power back up the other network devices and they should all work just like they did Essentially, connect one device at a time and get it working before moving on to the next device. Which brings me to : 7) If your router or adapter allow you to choose between long and short preamble , always use short. How To Change Wifi Channel

Again, somewhere in your router’s configuration (under “wireless” or “status”) there should be a list of devices that connect to your system. You'll probably get lots of pages telling you how to turn on/off the wireless on your laptop. And eventually, the thing that you love, and I mean love as a verb, will love you back. have a peek here A piece of metal used to reflect and focus the signal is called a reflector.

Latency would skyrocket, power cycle, get back on and everything is back to normal. Netgear Router Jim L says: 7 years ago I have a netgear rangemax wireless router connected to a cable modem. That leaves us with the router/cable modem and your incoming internet connection.

Adult Site Blocking With Open DNSOpenDNS can block phishing attacks and adult sites.Many new routers come with parental control options built into the device’s features.

Reply Ky July 18, 2009 at 10:47 pm Thanks for the software channel changing software tip. Every once in a great while, I'll see someone who can connect hardwired but not wirelessly but it doesn't happen too often. As always, troubleshooting is going to be a matter of eliminating things. Routers Linksys will not sell or rent your email address.

And if you really want to supercharge your router, you can even upload custom firmware provided by DD-WRT. Physical Position Many people overlook the fact that wireless signals can be finicky. The thinking was that if it was easy to configure, then people would be more likely to use it. Check This Out Lots of ISPs will even give you a new one for free after a certain period of time.

You can move your router away from these devices to see if that remedies the problem, or change the channel and SSID on your router. Reply itguy July 19, 2009 at 1:49 pm wire your isht. The changes most likely need to be made on her Mac and if she is not familiar with how to do it, I'm sure you can google it or call your Don't know if the problem is occurring on the Compaq or if its affecting the rest of the systems too or ???

Schedule this while you are at work or school for uninterrupted wireless when you are home. The browser will prompt you to enter your user name and password. Neighboring wireless networks, cordless phones, microwaves, and baby monitors can mess with your signal and cause dropped coverage. Since the method to update the router firmware varies so much by brand, it's best to search your router model number + "firmware update" to find specific instructions.

Aluminium foil is metal and all metal reflect electromagnetic waves.